Melissa Colon Welcome to the Distance Educator's Web Resource. My name is Melissa Colón and I'm the Distance Education Coordinator for Columbia College. Before I became the DE Coordinator I taught in the Computer Science Department. I hold a M.S. in Education, Online Teaching & Learning from Cal State East Bay.

In 2008, Columbia College was awarded a 2 million dollar Title III grant for 6 years to help expand distance learning. We are currently sun setting the grant during the fall of 2014. It has been an exciting time for the college and our students. Students can learn anytime, anywhere! Distance Education has become a way to expand learning opportunities and help overcome childcare and transportation barriers. In order to equip faculty to teach online we offer a flexible, collaborative and accountable training program utilizing cohorts in an online and face-to-face learning community setting. If you are interested in additional information about online teaching and learning contact me at colonm@yosemite.edu.

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